Viking Compass or Vegvísir

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Viking Compass or Vegvísir
The Viking Compass or Vegvísir necklace is made of ceramic. the necklace gives the appearance of a stone and both side prints can be worn by women as well as men . The necklace is packed in a cute gift box and you can use it as a gift . Different occasions

The vegvísir is composed of eight Viking runic staves. It is similar to the Helm of Awe/Aegishjàlmr, but there are some differences between them. The eight runic staves in vegvisir respectively stand for four cardinals (north, south, west and east) and four directions between mandrels (northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast). The eight directions and the central point (which stands for the Midgard) are the basic elements in the composition of vegvísir.

Some people believed that the eight runic staves in vegvísir respectively stand for the eight direction (north, south, west, east, northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast). They and the central point also represent the nine realm in Norse mythology. The central point stands for Midgard, the human world in Norse mythology, as well as the sign posts to the other eight realms and the corresponding protection.

Some other people hold the view that when a nail is placed in the center of Viking compass, the positions of its shadow at certain time of the day indicate the direction, in that way it helped Vikings in voyages and guided them through rough weather. Therefore, a reversed Viking compass might show you the opposite direction. According to Fen Alraun, the orientation of Viking compass does not really matter, because the eight staves in vegvísir do not indicate the exact directions, but correspond to eight protections.

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The Viking compass or Vegvisir, also known as the runic compass, is one of Iceland’s most popular symbols of protection, intended for those who can’t find their way home in bad weather. It is said that the person wearing it will never get lost on the way and will always arrive safely at the intended destination, regardless of all the circumstances and obstacles that might accompany him or her along the way. However, it is important to bear in mind that the VegVisir is much more than a compass or mere navigation. It helps to find the right path even in situations where there is no path in sight, i.e. when “there is no way”.


The Viking Compass or Vegvisir is seen as a kind of spiritual guide. It will help you to concentrate your thoughts and actions more easily, to achieve perfect balance.

All this, of course, in order to find the right and true path that you will be able to activate with the full support of this sign. At times when you feel you are in a hopeless situation, the symbol can help you


The Vegvisir is believed to combine eight different wands (signs or runes) which, when combined, send one of the most powerful messages of protection. Many have tried to decipher these bars and give them a separate, individual meaning, although this is not the ultimate symbol. As long as the Vegvisir is written or drawn in the original – its power remains unchanged.


The base of the symbol is obviously the altered rune Algiz (Elhaz), which means protection, while other striking signs are the rune Thurisaz (Thurs), which brings the symbol into direct connection with the Norse god of thunder and lightning, Thor. and his mighty hammer. The other two runes that can be identified in the symbol are Gebo (also known as the rune of generosity) and Mannaz (the so-called rune of humanity and humanity).


From all of the above, it is easy to see why the Viking Compass – Vegvisir is such a powerful symbol. Talismans, jewellery or a painting with this sign can certainly help. Give Vegvisir your light and in the darkest tunnel, you won’t regret it!


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