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  • Chain oven

    Aries necklace

    41,60 $

    Introducing our Aries necklace, a stunning piece of jewellery designed especially for those born under the sign of Aries. This meticulously crafted necklace celebrates the unique qualities and characteristics associated with Aries and offers a beautiful and meaningful way to display your astrological identity.

  • Cancer chain

    Cancer necklace

    41,60 $

    Cancer zodiac symbol: the pendant features the Cancer zodiac symbol, allowing you to proudly display your astrological identity and show off your unique personality traits.

  • Pisces necklace

    Men’s Pisces  necklace

    41,60 $

    Celebrate your astrological identity with a Pisces necklace and embrace the nurturing energy of your zodiac sign with this exquisite men’s Pisces necklace.


    Men’s Sagittarius necklace

    41,60 $

    A thoughtful gift: surprise the exceptional Sagittarius men in your life with this meaningful Sagittarius necklace, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion that requires a personalised and elegant gift.

  • Twin chain

    Gemini necklace

    41,60 $

    Celebrate your unique astrological identity with our Gemini Sign Necklace. This charming necklace is specially designed to embody the essence of the zodiac sign of Gemini, symbolising curiosity, versatility and intellectual strength. With its meticulous design and profound symbolism, this Gemini necklace is a beautiful reminder of your innate qualities and an elegant statement of self-expression.

  • Men's lion necklace

    Lion necklace

    41,60 $

    Male Horoscope Leo Necklace

  • men's lion necklace

    Leo Horoscope Necklace (001)

    41,60 $

    🦁 The Lion symbol: the pendant prominently displays the zodiac symbol of the lion, representing the confident and bold nature of this astrological sign. 🦁 Astrological charm: This necklace is a personal charm that embodies your Leo identity and allows you to show off your unique qualities and astrological traits.

  • Scorpion chain

    Scorpion necklace

    41,60 $

    Handmade ceramic scorpion chain

  • bull stallion

    Taurus necklace

    41,60 $

    Description of the sign of the Dipper (21.4. – 20.5.)

    Ruler: Venus
    Element: earth
    Quality: fixed
    Colour: green, brown
    Characteristics: stubbornness, loyalty, artistic talent, sensuality, enjoys everything, laziness, stable

    Taurus is among the most practical and reliable signs of the zodiac. He is first and foremost a lover of good food and drink, comfort and all things nice. He is characterised by his firmness, practicality, determination and willpower. Because security is of the utmost importance to him, he will do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo. For a Taurus, harmony is the cornerstone of a relationship, and he will work hard to ensure his partner’s happiness. It aims to create a happy home and a stable partnership. He tends to be conservative, which is reflected in his behaviour.
    ( size fi 30 mm)