Horoscope Libra

8,97 $

LIBRA (23.9. – 22.10.)

Ruling planet: Venus
Element: air
Mode: cardinal
Color: pink
Trade: fair, graceful, diplomatic, peaceful, indecisive, appreciates art

Libra seeks harmony and balance. It is committed to the principles of fairness and equality. It doesn’t like conflicts. If it happens to witness a dispute, it is usually assigned the role of arbitrator, because it is listened to due to its charm. It doesn’t like being alone, so it enjoys being surrounded by people. It does not last long without a partner. Libra and can only be complete, when it is in love. Its shortcoming, the most pronounced at work and which often leads to missing deadlines, is indecision or weighing the pros and cons.
(ceramic pendant size fi 30 mm )