Horoscope Aries

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ARIES (21.3. – 20.4.)

Ruling planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Mode: Cardinal
Color: Red
Traits: action, vitality, enterprising, courage, sexuality, leadership

Aires is the first sign of the Zodiac, therefor always first and endowed with exceptional leadership skills. It starts new projects, is an instigator and a pioneer. Regretfully, because of the lack of patience, it is also the first to resign, if things do not quickly or even instantly move in the desirable direction. Challenges represent it joy and he practically does not feel fear. It is direct and simple by nature and does not complicate. It usually has clear goals and knows the easiest ways to reach them. It reacts quickly and explosively, but it also forgets and forgives as quickly as it gets upset.
(ceramic pendant size fi 30 mm )